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Believe Tour Dance Experience

Танцы. Видеоуроки. Шоу. Believe Tour Dance Experience

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2013 г.


Наличие: На складе

Тип упаковки: Keep case

Дистрибьюторы: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик", Silent Records

Год выхода издания: 2013

Количество слоев: DVD-5 (1 слой)

Региональный код: 0 (All)

Формат изображения: Anamorphic WideScreen 16:9 (1.78:1)

Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby Digital 2.1

Субтитры: АнглийскийНемецкийФранцузскийИтальянскийИспанскийПортугальскийБразильский

Step into the world of professional choreographer and dancer Nick DeMoura, as he takes you song-by-song and step-by-step through the dance moves for the hottest songs from Justin Bieber's Believe Tour. Joined by Justin's official tour dancers, you'll learn the exact moves that Justin and his crew performed live on tour, straight from the man who choreographed them. With easy to learn breakdowns, never-before-seen behind the scenes footage, and full-scale dance performances, the Believe TourBance Experience is both a great workout tool and the ultimate tutorial to put you in the running to become one of Justin's backup dancers. Содержание: 01. Warm Up 02. What Does it Mean to Be a Dancer 03. Beauty and a Beat 04. What Does it Take to Make it 05. As Long As You Love Me 06. Tips For Your Technique 07. Boyfriend 08. As Long As You Love Me/Recap 09. Beauty and a Beat/Recap 10. Living the Dream

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